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If you are a pottery connoisseur, especially one of French pottery, then we have a treat for you.  In the Provence Region of France, you will find a hidden treasure --  the Poterie Mont Rachas in the town of Le Poet-Laval.

Poterie Mont Rachas is located between Montelimar (the city of nougat) and Dieulefit.  Dieulefit, "God made it," is a marvelous little town in the Haute Provence surrounded by mountains.  A special village, where you can still see the scenes that fired the imaginations of visionary artists and experience of the Provencal life.  The tradition of pottery in the country of the Dieulefit area dates back to the Gallo-Roman time.

The Poterie Mont Rachas offers three distinct styles of pottery.

"Bouton d'Or" or small flower has a French country feel utilizing delicate small flowers and the traditional olive designs.

To view click here:  Bouton d'Or


"Mont Rachas Exotique" is very unique in that there is no beginning or end to the designs and is very tactile in feel.

To view click here:  Mont Rachas Exotique


 "Mont Rachas Provencal" presents a pattern size in between Bouton d'Or and Exotique with exquisite and unique color combinations.

To view click here:  Mont Rachas Provencal

Each piece of pottery is handmade and individually designed and painted so you will never find two pieces exactly alike.  When setting a table for your guests, each place setting is a piece of art before their eyes!

Each plate, bowl, goblet, casserole, or serving platter will adorn your kitchen, dinner table or perhaps a wall when not in use.  The pottery is a unique artistic gift for a wedding, birthday, holiday, Mother's Day present or a gift to yourself!  The pottery will bring to you and your guests the beautiful patterns and deep colors exclusive to the Poterie Mont Rachas.

All pieces of pottery on this web-site are available for purchase.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces the item number is located in the lower left-hand corner of the picture.  You will get the exact piece you order.  The cost of the pieces are listed above the pictures.  There will be a shipping, handling, and insurance fee associated with each piece along with applicable taxes for residents of Colorado.

All of the pottery is dishwasher and oven safe.  It is recommended that you do not put a cold casserole or dish into a hot oven but rather warm up the casserole or dish while the oven is warming.

To order, please e-mail to: Orders@Pottery From France or call 303-494-1363.

If you have questions, please send an e-mail to:  Questions@Pottery From France or call 303-494-1363.


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